It is because I don’t make sense. Fiction is obliged to make sense. Presumably, supposedly, assumedly, Pleiadians, are lighthearted, playful, and cuddly; amount other things, while Sirians are more serious. blunt, rigid, and objective orientated. Supposedly. Maybe. Maybe not. Personally, that is too mainstream for me. What about the Zooarachians? How about the Aloons? Why doesn’t anyone ever mention the Occhosenians? It makes perfect sense why everyone has forgotten the Ropepasians! Have you ever heard of the Sexyfelinians before? Talk about heaven! Nothing is better than being suffocated by hairballs, while being licked on the face. But they are several Million light years away, so don’t worry Miss lightbulb. Yes that was a ‘name drop’.

“He he he, makes me so horny”

Yeah, you look like the devil after talking with you. Maybe not. Hey honey, instead, you look like a flaccid condom after talking with you. See how quickly that was handled? Maybe. I don’t know, maybe not might come back in and get horny again, one never knows about these things. Assumedly. Presuming maybe. Maybe assumedly presumablly. Rest assured, we’ll get to the bottom of this. Maybe another day. Who knows how many years. There goes ‘who‘ again. We already discussed who. Who knows allot of things. People are always mentioning what who knows. Amazing, this who fellow. Perhaps that is why the WHO dictate like they do, for everyone has been claiming that who knew. Who knows. Maybe. Maybe not.

Shall we go into another aspect of the mind language construct programming, and how it has been used to control mental constructs through language? It’s just surface material, wont get too deep into the layering of the matrix non reality. The Illusion; mockery and jest, Maya. Word to synaptic. Binary. Electric. Would you like the Remote? Just don’t flip through the channels. Some channels are locked. No, there is not hack or cheat code. Can it be imagined how many cross breeding experiments that the Humanoid has been involved in throughout the Universe? The Feline Race, Prrrrrrfect example. I wonder if they will accept my genetic donation? Talk about beastiality. Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I very attracted to Felines. There is something the scratching tantalizes. No no, don’t worry Miss Lightbulb, they are also Millions of lightyears away. Miss Lightbulb: They are in orbit now too. Gulps… You will just have to deal with Pepe the way Le Pew Naturally is. (Clicks light off and walks out door)

Now is a good moment for maybe. Maybe. I assumed it was. Presumably,. Who knows really. Someone knows really? Who is really? Really? I thought who was the name of a band. Who? You know, who, the band. Why does who have a W in it? Just so the letters H and O wouldn’t have to join the ranks of triple entendres? Who knows really. I know who knows really. Really was out at the park the other day, until who came around, really said that who was following really home, and really was really concerned that who was stealing what who knew now knows.

What is the will of God? That is as varied as Nations are. Hindu’s attribute the Supreme God head as indifferent. Others do as well. Christians and Jews have elaborate stories created by Men who rarify the Male qualities as being Supreme. Indigenous knowledge also have elaborate stories, though not centered around a particular sex. What is self evident? What is taking place right now in every body anywhere? What are the cells doing? Procreating. Expanding selves. Expansion of life. Sex. That taboo word everyone is ashamed of. That Sin that is responsible for the expansion of life. If you find pleasure in it, then the Sin is greater. Never mind the fact that Sin was originally the Moon God. Something those Men wove into their stories. Blame it all on the Woman. Always. That’s why she needs another head, her head is full of snake venom. She cant lead herself. Never mind her head replacement that leads her, is responsible for far worse.

Patriarchy, Matriarchy, both cut from the same cloth. Mirror reflections of projections, because of the duality sided treatment of each other. Cycles. Repetitive cycles back and forth from one to the other. Duality ingrained into DNA. For thousands upon thousands of years. Compression. Flatten image.

Some; like the Vulcans, think that emotional feelings are illogical. Chemicals igniting electrical impulses. Nothing more. Unless there is an orgy. Then there would be more. Yes, there really are Vulcan’s. There really are. You just don’t know about them yet. Unless you watched Star Trek. Then you would know all about them. For really real. What, you don’t believe me? Just wait; more waiting, you’ll find out! I prefer bi linearity in conversation, so if bouncing around from topic to topic offends you, it’s ok to bounce right on the fuck outta here. 🙂

Where was I? Maybe. Assumedly not. Thats what they all presume. No really; again, where was I? You know, that title is really fucking with my head man. Can you lay off on the wafers? The dirty come back is inevitable. Maybe. Maybe not. Assume not. So how are you enjoying the conversation so far? One sided you say, and why is that? You’re getting the best of both worlds. Hey Women, who is this ‘you’ character anyway? The only character in the way, is you character. Anyway. Maybe. There you goes assuming anyway.


Maybe not.