Graphic Art is much faster than other mediums. Capturing the imagination that is. Canvas creates a delay between the imagination and expression. So by the time the imaginative concept is captured on canvas, hundreds of imaginative concepts flow by uncaptured. Though not instantaneous; obviously, Graphic Art reduces the latency between the imaginative concept and capturing.

Stock images. Basics, such as a frame of a house. Or remodeling, layering them together, manipulate each layer, on all spectrums. Down to the pixel level.

Like this image. Parking lot of some store front was used. Then stock wall image. Pink Floyd Prism for the inside of the remodeled store front. Manipulation and altering of all spectrums done on each layer.

Then create a layer from scratch and do the same.

Finally, combine the remodeling, and the scratch layer, and flatten. Or not. Or something else. Or just tinker until something is found that is liked.