Have you ever wondered why there is a holiday every month? What is paramount during Holiday’s? Why do bankers love holidays? Is that turkey bloating your stomach? Better go the Pharmacy and get some pills or tablets to put in your stomach for relieve. How was whichever ‘big game’ that was today? Was there a big masonic game today? Or was that when the Astro’s went Astronomical on the compass of diamond’s that Lucy was playing in the sky of, and hit a Grand Slam out of Center Field Level 360 Earth to 333 Mars, from Mission Control in Houston?

Are you a square head? Don’t lie. I’m pretty sure you are a square head. Did you prance across a stage wearing a black robe in highschool, and swish a tassel from one side to the other, while accepting a diploma from a Master Mason? Oh, you did? You are a square head then. To get the head unsquared requires a Compass. Yeah, I know, its a paradox. Most of life is a paradox. Are you still a square head? Oh, now you changed your mind, and you’re not? Good.